Various Parts Available for Maytag Appliances

The Maytag Corporation is a leading American appliance brand. They cover both home and commercial needs. Maytag started as a washing machine company in 1893. Later on, Maytag forayed into the business of other appliances. The company is now owned by Whirlpool Corporation, by way of acquisition that was done in April 2006. Thereafter, Whirlpool designed certain appliances using the Maytag brand name.

Appliances sold under the Maytag brand name

The appliances marketed under the Maytag brand name are as follows:

– Washers of both front-loaded and top-loaded types
– Dryers of both gas and electric types
– Refrigerators of four types viz. French door, side-by-side, top freezer, and bottom freezer types
– Ranges comprise freestanding ranges, cooktops, and wall ovens
– Dishwashers
– Microwaves
– Home solutions like vacuum cleaners, irons, and central cooling and heating
– Trash compactor, garbage disposer, range vent hood, and food waste disposer

Maytag parts

Do you have a broken Maytag appliance? Is your Maytag appliance not working? For proper function of your appliance, you need replacement parts. Maytag parts are available for all their appliances. Some Maytag parts for major appliances are as follows:

Maytag parts available for washers and dryers

– Combo fuse: Often thermal fuse blows due to jammed vent
– Gas valve solenoid: Requires replacement when dryer fails to heat
– Motor coupling: Required when washer does not revolve
– Drum roller: Required when dryer drum support roller generates loud reverberating noise
– Drive belt: Needed on snapping of the belt
– Retainer: Required for the drum roller
– Lint filter: Maintains airflow and replacement required when damaged
– Suspension spring, idler pulley, igniter, door catch, and blower wheel
– Water pump
– Moisture sensor, flame sensor
– Retaining ring, bolt
– Washing machine suspension rod
– Washing machine clutch

Maytag parts available for refrigerator

– Air filter: Minimizes food odor. Replace it on half yearly basis
– Water filter: Reduces contaminants in water and ice. Recommended replacement is every 6 to 9 months. When the fridge is cold and the ice maker is not producing ice, replace the water filter.
– Ice makers: Needs replacement when no ice or little ice or too much ice is formed
– Crisper drawer, door shelf bin, light bulb
– Drawer support, drawer side channel, closing cam, meat pan
– Glass shelf, dispenser tray
– Drainpipe, dispenser funnel guide
– Water inlet valve, filter cap
– Defrost thermostat, starting gear, and capacitor

Maytag parts available for ranges or stoves, ovens, and cooktops

– Bake element: Replace when the oven does not bake or the bake element may have burnt out
– Oven igniter kit: Replace when the igniter glows for one and a half minutes or more but fails to ignite the gas flame
– Coil surface elements: Replace when the surface elements on the top of the stove are not good
– Surface element switch: If the switch fails to energize the surface element coil, it is faulty and you should get it replaced
– Sealed gas burner head assembly
– Top spark electrode
– Cartridge assembly
– Drip pan, oven rack, control knob
– Light bulb

Maytag parts available for a dishwasher

– Dishwasher drain pump: Replace when dishwasher fails to drain. Check that drain hose is not clogged
– Water inlet valve: Requires replacement when dishwasher fails to fill
– Food chopper assembly
– Control panel with touchpad
– Door hinge cable and roller kit
– Dish rack roller, retainer, gasket
– Door latch, mounting bracket, dish rack stop clip
– Thermal Fuse

Maytag parts available for microwave

– Charcoal filter
– Bracket
– Glass tray and driving coupling
– Air baffle
– Door switch, bulb, diode, door hook, fuse

Maytag parts available for trash compactor

– Drive gear
– Compactor bag
– Charcoal filter
– Bag carrier
– Start switch, fuse
– Directional switch
– Leveling legs
– Screw

Maytag parts available for garbage disposer

– Splash guard
– Hose clamp
– Stopper
– Gasket

How to buy Maytag parts?

Maytag parts are available through their approved vendor. There are quite a number of official spare parts dealers selling Maytag parts. Some of them are PartSelect,, and Repair Shop. Over 1 million parts are available in stock with them. They offer same day shipping facility. If you need Maytag parts, you can surf the web and get your desired replacement part from various trusted websites.