An Essential Guide to Buying Harley Parts

Owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle is a great thing. Ranked among the best motorcycles in the world, every biker dreams of owning a Harley bike. The best thing about Harley motorcycles is that they can be customized to improve the looks and performance. Your Harley motorcycle is probably your most prized possession, so when there is wear and tear, you must scout for Harley parts. Custom spare parts for your prized Harley bike are not hard to find. Whether for repairing or customizing your Harley bikes, you can find spare parts online or specialized Harley stores.

Sourcing Harley parts

If you’re looking for Harley parts, look for an authorized dealer. Here, you’ll be able to find all spare parts and accessories you’ll need for your motorcycle. In addition to the current purchases, you can have a look at the product catalog and plan your future purchase of spare parts and accessories. The advantage of shopping from an authorized dealer is that you’re assured of quality. You’ll be paying for genuine spare Harley parts.

Buying online is another source. You can search for websites that stock and sell Harley parts. Authorised dealer websites can also be scoured online to look for spare parts. The best websites will maintain an online catalog, allowing you to choose spare parts that suit your bike model. Verify seller background and choose to buy from sellers on the basis of positive customer feedback.

If you’re looking for cheap spare parts, the best way is to source from auction sites. You can get the best bargains. On auction sites, you can find both new as well as used Harley parts. You can search for spare parts by specifying the model.

In addition to the above, you can find independent sellers of Harley parts online. You can look for these sellers in your local classifieds. With so many available sources, you will surely be able to find model-specific spare parts and accessories.

A cheaper option would be to buy used Harley parts. Brand new spare parts can be heavy on your pocket. Instead, you can choose to buy used spare parts and, thereby, save quite a good amount of money.

Checklist when buying used Harley parts

-Look for warranty. Although used, some spare parts will be relatively new and still covered under warranty. Ask the seller about the extent of warranty.
-Shipping expenses can add up to the cost. Although used Harley parts come cheap, the shipping and handling expenses can push up the costs. When you’re opting to buy the spare parts online, be aware of how much would be the shipping expenses.
-When placing an order for Harley parts online, check the duration of shipping. If the source is local, you’ll receive the spare parts soon. However, if it’s international shipping, the duration can vary from a week to a month, depending on seller’s location and the shipping agent.
-Double check the returns policy. While online sales are reliable, at times, you might not get the Harley parts specified by you or they could be defective. To make sure that you don’t lose out on the refund, verify the returns policy beforehand.

Follow the latest trend

If you’re enthusiastic about trying out various accessories for your Harley motorcycle, swapping is the new trend. As a member of a Harley rider club, you can swap spare parts with fellow riders. The best part about swapping is you can personally examine and assess the Harley parts. Working like a barter system, riders exchange spare parts as per their requirements. If you don’t want to spend cash on spare parts purchases for your bike, swapping is a good option.

Maintaining a Harley bike is an expensive affair indeed. However, for those die-hard bikers who swear by the power and performance of Harley Davidson motorcycles, buying new or used spare parts online and swapping help to keep their maintenance expenses low.