Everything You Need to Know about Truck Bed Covers

Truck bed covers, which are also known by the name of tonneau covers include any kind of hard or soft plastic covers that help in covering the cargo boxes used in picking up goods. These covers are mainly designed to spawn a truck that is aerodynamic and also help in making up a blanketed storage space in the bed of the truck. There are a number of variations available in the kinds of truck bed covers. These include tops made of fiberglass which are further endowed with doors that give the user admittance to the bed of the truck. Some others are however paneled with covers made of aluminum, which can be lifted up, like the top of a car.

How to choose the right truck bed cover?

While looking for a truck bed cover you must know your truck well enough and understand what kind of a cover will be best for it in terms of both looks and safety. The two basic choices you can make while searching for the perfect cover for your truck are covers pneumatically supported by struts and bed covers that are hinged.

The hinged truck bed covers generally come at a cheaper price but the problem with them is that they are generally quite heavy to lift and are somewhat cumbersome to operate. If you had owned an SUV or a minivan previously then you are already familiar with the pneumatic strut supported truck bed covers. These struts are powered by gas that lifts the cover of the truck for you and thus makes it easier to reach the bed of the truck and access its content.

What are the materials used to make truck bed covers?

While searching for your perfect cover, you will find that there are two dominant materials that are used to make them which are fiberglass and plastic. The main reason behind using these materials is that they are lightweight and thus easy to use but at the same time, they are durable and strong enough to provide a lasting life to the truck bed covers.

However, there are certain drawbacks to both the materials. For example, fiberglass made covers crack when they are aged and the ones made of plastic are prone to fading and discoloration. Plastic made covers can also get dry, which happens to be another drawback of plastic as a material.

What are the drawbacks of using truck bed covers?

No matter how effective the truck bed covers prove to be there is a certain drawback in using them. These covers decrease the height of the load that you carry by quite a considerable amount. While using these kinds of covers you must be careful enough to place any load that will not reach up to the covers. This might prove to be a significant problem depending on the item you are planning to carry in your truck. The truck bed covers, however, can be removed from time to time, though you will need additional help to complete that task.

Which are the best brands of truck bed covers?

There are a number of brands available in the market manufacturing different kinds of truck bed covers. The most popular of these brands is Pace Edwards, which manufactures a variety of models. One of its models is the Bedlocker Electric that allows you to open and close the cover with the help of a remote.

Another brand that can be named among the best for covers is Roll-N-Lock. The products from this company come in both the electric and the manual models. Another popular brand is Truck Covers USA and they offer a couple of models, which are tough and long-lasting. One of these models has a truck toolbox in it and it helps to enhance the look that the cover offers to the truck. The Rollbak model is also offered by the company named Bak.