Guide to Changing Engine Oil for Your Car

Oil change is one of the most important aspects of routine car maintenance. You need to change your car oil at certain intervals. If you find it costly, you can bring down the expense with oil change coupons.

Regularly changing your engine oil is a very important aspect of maintaining a car. Engine oil breaks down with continuous use and is rendered useless after a certain period. So you need to change the oil every 3000, 4000 or 5000 miles depending on the engine type and oil used.

Some engine oils are costly. They can really add to your routine maintenance cost. But you should not put off an oil change due to high cost. There are many oil change coupons available to reduce your overall expenses.

Where can you get oil change coupons

You can get oil change coupons at most major automobile care or car servicing workshops. If you service your car at these shops, then it pays to have oil change coupons from them. You just need to print a coupon and have an appointment with them for an oil change. It may save you more than a few bucks on your car maintenance cost.

When to change the engine oil

Different owners have a different opinion about when you need to change the old oil. Some swear by the often-misinterpreted thumb rule of every 3000 Miles or 3 months. Some others are not so religious about it. Let’s go through a guide to get an idea about when to change the oil in your engine.

Tips on changing the oil for your car

Twice a year oil change is optimal

If you are the kind who swear by the thumb rule of 3000 miles or 3 months, then this is for you. If your car runs a lot, you may need to change oil every three months or 300 miles. However, if it is sitting idle in the garage for most of the time, you may do without changing the oil so frequently. You do need to change the oil even if the car does not run much. However, in that case, it may be just fine to do it twice a year.

Check the oil level

You need to check the oil level regularly too. This is needed to make sure that there is no leakage in the oil tube. If there is a leakage then the oil would appear light and milky. To check the oil level you can use the dipstick. However, if it has been more than 6 months since the last change, then you do need to change the oil now. You can get oil change coupons at various counters.

Get the right oil

Go through the vehicle manual. If the manual states that it is better to have synthetic oil for your engine, then go for it. If your car runs a lot or you live in the colder regions, then synthetic oil use may be the best for it. Synthetic oil costs about twice or thrice the price of normal engine oil. However, if you do need it, you can get oil change coupons to bring down the cost.

Know when the regular oil is okay for your car

If you have a sedan which mostly makes short trips, then you may be better off with normal engine oil. If the manufacture manual does not mention using synthetic oil, using it may be a redundancy. Just use a coolant and a lubricant. Get good engine oil with oil change coupons and keep the car running.

Overall, it is recommended to use oil change coupons. You can get a variety of oil change offers too. There may be offers like $7 off on five quarts of synthetic oils or $5 off on five quarts of conventional oils. You just need to print the oil change coupon and produce it at the workshop. You can even save the oil change coupon on your mobile phone.