Take Care of Your Car With These Tips and Products

Maintaining a car on your own is not a simple task. You need to be an expert to take care of your car to keep it going smoothly on road. To avoid bigger repairs, it is advisable not to neglect the minor repairs such as changing the oil and air filters, replacing tires and wiper blades, and scheduled maintenance should be on the top of the list. Follow the below-mentioned car care tips to keep your car in the best shape with longer life.

Change the oil filters

The most important car care guideline for maintaining a car’s engine is to keep a check on oil filters and change it when required. It is recommended to refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for the oil change procedure.

Check the brakes regularly

If you drive for longer miles and in heavy traffic, it is highly recommended to check your brakes. If you need to put an extra effort on the pedal or you hear squealing or grinding sounds, get it checked at the repair center.

Maintain the tires

For a longer lifespan of tires, you need to be careful with tire pressure, tread, rotation of tires, and balance and alignment of the tires. Check the tire pressure every fortnight for proper inflation to avoid any road mishap.

Wash the car

Maintaining a car’s exterior is equally important to remove dirt and dust that settle under the hood and affect the exposed region. To prevent any trouble in the future, wash your car regularly or take it to a washing service center. You can also use wax and polish on your car to give it a new look.

Replace windshield wipers

You should change cracked wipers that can leave scratches on the windshield, thereby, hindering the visibility of the driver. Replace them especially during winters and rainy season and if you regularly drive in harsh weather. Keep a check on washer pipes so that they do not get clogged and make sure they are working efficiently.

Car care products

You end up spending a lot of time driving your car to the office on weekdays and parties on weekends. Hence, you need to maintain your vehicle for its longevity and your own safety. Once you get on the road, your car is exposed to grime, dust and other harmful components – all these make difficult for you to maintain the car. We have listed out a few 3M car care products to highlight the best features of your car.


3M offers a complete set of abrasives that include sanding, rust grinding, and paint stripping to prevent your car from dents and rust, thus, maintaining a durable auto body with enhanced productivity. From basic sandpapers to advanced microreplication, a wide range of abrasives are available at 3M for small repairs to bigger ones.

Sealants and adhesives

3M delivers a vast array of sealants and adhesives that can adhere to various surfaces and save time and money. These adhesives are resistant to weather, moisture, vibration and even extreme degrees of temperatures while making the bonds stick and stay.

Scratch repair

With 3M scratch removers and rubbing compounds, you can make those minute scratches that can make your car look dull disappear. Be it a scratch on the door handle or rough marks on the car surface, the scratch removers provide a quick workaround for those small defects.

Automotive repair kits

Use a 3M repair kit yourself and save a trip to the service center for minor car care repairs. 3M provides multiple products for car repair that will save your time and money. You can repair a windshield, rear view mirrors, body panel, or any other minor part of your vehicle quickly with excellent results.

Tools and accessories

3M provides a wide selection of tools and accessories that include filler scoops, Bondo spreaders, dent pullers and much more for successful car repair work at home. 3M products are designed in a way to ensure a smooth project right from the beginning to end for car care.