Types and Uses of Truck Bed Covers

Can you imagine the country without pickup trucks? No, we definitely cannot. They are the favorite vehicles for many people across the country and they are beneficial for many purposes. They are the primary choice for many companies that require movement of goods from one place to another.

The part that makes trucks and pickups so necessary is their cargo or truck bed. It is used to transport, store and keep goods while traveling. To keep the commodities safe and secure, these trucks can add an enhancement to the truck beds. They are known as tonneau or truck bed covers.

With simple installation procedures and less maintenance, truck bed covers are very popular and also very important. There are many companies offering these covers and one needs to know the features of the truck. You can only choose the best fit when you know the different types of truck bed covers that are on the market. They depend mostly on the size of the truck bed. The material can be soft or hard, based on your requirement.

Flat covers

They are the most commonly used truck bed covers and truck owners prefer these covers over the others. One of the reasons behind the favoritism is the compatibility, as there are no massive changes made to the look of the truck. They actually make the trucks look better. There are many types of flat covers available. Let us learn more about them:


As the name suggests, these covers are rolled off on the truck bed, making them easier to use. You can change this truck bed cover, based on the size and shape of cargo. You can choose a material that can be hard or soft. These hardcovers are stronger when compared to the softer version of the roll-up covers.

Folding covers

The folding covers have recently had a rise in their demand and they are the favorite among truck owners. The reason, again, is the user-friendly attribute of the cover. The functionality of roll-ups and folding covers may seem similar, but the building structure is different. People generally prefer the clamp system which is incorporated into both these models. It makes the access easy and saves the truck from getting drilled.

Retractable covers

Known to be unique and durable in nature, retractable covers can retract from tail to head of the truck bed. They are typically made out of polycarbonate or aluminum. The structure that is created underneath it helps to retract. The material used makes this truck bed cover stronger than the roll-ups or folding covers. The lock system is part of these covers, making them more secure.

Plastic covers

These covers are plain old flat lids of plastic that are used to close the bed and lock it down. They don’t roll, fold or retract. They are very popular among pickup truck owners as they are very robust. There is nothing fancy in this truck bed cover, just hard plastic.

Fiber lids

These lids are famous among owners who want their covers painted according to the color of their vehicle. This is definitely a fancy truck bed cover on the list. However, do not consider them to be weak. They are made out of fiberglass which is strong and durable. They are heavy lids and their operation is similar to the hood of a vehicle.

Many truck manufacturers have been releasing new models with truck bed covers. This saves a lot of time in searching for a cover. That does not, however, negate the choice of changing your cover if you want to. You have to choose the cover, based on the material and the type.

There are some extra accessories that can be attached to the truck bed along with the cover. Accessories such as extenders, racks, and tracking systems can be added. It is wise to consult your car manufacturer or mechanic to help you choose when experiencing a hard time.