Guide to Correct Bikini Line Hair Removal

A bikini is simply a two-piece swimsuit that was first introduced in 1946 by a man named Louis Réard. It received far too many surprised looks and suggestive glances back then. And this was not because it showed off women’s legs, but more so because the navel was exposed!

As one can expect, the new trend caught on quite fast. And once a trend catches on, there is no stopping the grooming and beauty treatments that people go through, in order to fit into the trend. The need to carry off the bikini look and make it look effortless was probably on most women’s minds back then.

And so, there arose a need for bikini line hair removal. While there is a myriad of methods to choose from for bikini line hair removal, which one is the best? Or rather, which is the best-suited method for you? What are risks, if any, involved?

If you have all of these questions making their rounds in your head, here is a simple guide that might help you out:

Perfect bikini line – No more a myth

You have to admit it. You love a well-groomed bikini line. But you hate the upkeep and maintenance tags that come along with it, don’t you?

Well, fret no more, for the solutions that the new world brings to you, are much easier, convenient, and insufferable. Below are a few solutions that you could try out:


Here is the scoop on one of the most age-old and cheap methods out there. Well, it’s not the healthiest route for you or for your delicate skin down there. You might want to consider an alternative.

It might be the most easily accessible option and also one of the fastest (does depend on your own speed and swiftness). Most of the cuts and razor bumps that we hear of these days have been caused by shaving.

You might have to be extra careful while shaving along the bikini line because your skin here is a little extra-sensitive when compared to that of your legs and arms. Also, keep in mind that you will need to shave against the direction of your hair growth for effective results. You might achieve smooth skin in no time but since only the hair above your skin has been trimmed, you will have to go back at it in a few days.

Waxing it away

This is definitely the decade of waxing. Waxing your eyebrows, upper lip, chin, arms, legs, back…. The list is endless!

Although waxing has many pros and a few cons for those with extra-sensitive skin, it is supposedly one of the safest methods for the works on your bikini line. This is because the heat from the warm, molten wax causes your hair follicles to dilate slightly and the entire hair strand is pulled out with force. Since the complete hair from the root area is pulled out, the next growth takes a while. This gives you way more time in comparison to shaving.

The only common con that women face while waxing is the issue of ingrown hairs. These days, beauticians and prescription doctors say that this situation can be treated manually at home. Use a medium-soft scrub and do the job on the area in circular motion. Practising this daily will reduce the toughness of the hair and bring it back to its normal state.

Bikini line hair removal through laser

Have you considered taking steps for permanent bikini line hair removal? Welcome to the new era, where lasers rule above all!

This might sound like a high-tech method for bikini line hair removal, but in reality, it isn’t. The lasers’ heat targets your hair follicles directly so as to make them weak and fall off. You will always be billed for a “permanent” solution, but in some cases, meagre growth is seen. However, this is the most effective, painless, but most expensive option out there.

Whichever method you pick, make sure it does not affect your skin and does not leave an infection behind. There will be no use of the look you are trying to achieve if you end up with rashes or sore, tanned skin.