Prevent Hair Loss with the Right Products

Hair loss is a common problem. Although it is not a serious condition, anything that affects our appearance can be a prominent problem. Hair loss can alter the way a person looks, so most people who are affected try to find ways to reverse this situation. While there is no miracle remedy for hair loss, there are numerous products that can slow down hair fall and encourage the growth of new hair.

Reasons for hair loss

There are many reasons for hair loss, ranging from heredity to medications. For instance, most males have inherited the genes for male-pattern baldness. Age, certain skin diseases, thyroid disorders, medications that you take to treat certain illnesses, pregnancy, menopause, lack of essential nutrients for hair growth, overstyling of hair, external factors like use of chemical-based cosmetic products can all contribute to hair loss.

Androgenetic Alopecia

This is male-pattern baldness. Though this condition mainly affects men, some women may also suffer this type of hair loss. This mostly happens to post-menopausal women. Hormonal imbalances may result in an increased level of Testosterone.

Some of this testosterone might get converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT can bind to hair follicles and kill them. In both men and women, this is the cause of androgenetic alopecia.

Hair growth phases and normal shedding

Hair growth occurs in four phases – Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, Exogen. Anagen is the main growth phase and lasts for two to seven years. Catagen lasts for just a few days—it is the transitional stage when hair follicles shrink and start to detach from the scalp.

Telogen is the resting phase and can last for around three months. Old hair stops growing while new hair emerges. Exogen occurs during the resting phase, old hair is shed and new hair begins to grow. During this phase, a person can lose up to 150 hair strands each day.

The hair on your head is all in these different stages of growth. If hair goes into the resting phase before time, it can result in increased hair loss.

How to treat hair loss

There is no quick fix that can stop hair loss and give you luxurious hair. However, there are certain medications that have been found to be effective in slowing down hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

Certain Laser therapies can stimulate hair growth.

Biotin is a vitamin B. It is available naturally in foods like yeast, liver, egg yolks etc. Lack of Biotin can cause hair fall, so taking Biotin supplements may help in some cases.

Ketoconazole can prevent fungal infections on the scalp. This can control one of the causes of hair loss.

Caffeine, the stuff that makes coffee so stimulating, has also been found to be effective in treating hair loss.

Saw Palmetto extracts can help block an enzyme that causes Testosterone to convert into DHT. So, this may help in controlling Androgenetic Alopecia.

Saw Palmetto extracts can help block an enzyme that causes Testosterone to convert into DHT. So, this may help in controlling Androgenetic Alopecia.

Finasteride is a medicine that is taken in the form of pills. It also has the ability to control the production of DHT.

Minoxidil is a medication that was formulated to treat high blood pressure. This medication is popular under the brand name Rogaine. In a topical application form, Minoxidil has been approved by FDA to treat hair loss in both men and women. It has the potential to encourage new hair growth. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Some effective off-the-shelf hair loss products

Men’s Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment Foam

This minoxidil topical application from Rogaine is composed of a 5% Minoxidil solution in combination with Tricho prime Technology, ensures that the foam spreads evenly over the scalp. It stimulates hair follicles to encourage the growth of new hair.

Lipogaine for women

This is a minoxidil formulation for women and it uses 2% Minoxidil solution in combination with Biotin. The other ingredients in this product include ketoconazole, saw palmetto, Oleic Acid, and Emu oil. It comes with a dropper that you can use to apply the solution to the region affected, and gently massage it in. Use this on dry hair, and leave it on for some time.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Shampoo

This shampoo makes use of caffeine’s beneficial effect on hair growth. Caffeine extract has a double effect. It slows down hair loss and also encourages rapid growth of new hair. Hair Surge Shampoo contains caffeine, ketoconazole, and saw palmetto.