The Difference Between Antiperspirants And Deodorants

Body odor has been a problem plaguing mankind forever. Bad body odor can occur due to excessive sweating and with the invention of modern technology, it can be dealt with successfully. Right now there are mainly two types of products that are used to fight away body odor, antiperspirants and deodorants. However it is a common confusion amongst people as to which one to use to help themselves fight off excessive sweat and smell. Well, in this article, we cover all there is to know about the two, and the differences between them as well.


Basic difference
The primary difference between the best antiperspirants and deodorants is that the former helps you reduce the amount of sweat you produce whereas the latter helps you reduce the smell produced by your sweat. While it is common notion that our sweat produces the smell, it is not true. Our sweat in itself has no smell, but when accumulated the breaking down of it by the bacteria produces the smell. So a good way to fight off body odor is by using both antiperspirants and deodorants, depending on the activity.


Use of antiperspirants
Antiperspirants mostly come in forms of a gel, powder, or in semi liquid forms. These substances when applied to your armpits help reduce the amount of sweat that is produced. Since without the sweat, the bacteria are unable to break down anything, the smell itself is not produced. The best antiperspirants that you get contain aluminum or zirconium which help in stopping the sweat glands from producing sweat. Although most of the best antiperspirants also come equipped with ingredients which kill the bacteria, its primary purpose is to stop the production of sweat.


Use of deodorants
The best deodorants concentrate on producing a strong and long term scent which would help to cover up the smell of the sweat. They have no ingredients which can stop the production of sweat. However all deodorants are extremely good at killing the bacteria that exist in your armpit region. And even if you sweat, the bacteria will not be able to break it down and produce extra smell. Deodorants turn the skin around your armpit acidic or salty and do not allow the bacteria to thrive in such conditions.


Which one to use?
The functions of the best deodorants and antiperspirants are quite different and therefore, so is their usage. If you are going to perform some heavy duty work such as playing an outdoor sport or working out, the use of antiperspirants would be more effective than a deodorant. Since you will be producing a lot of fresh sweat during such activities, deodorants would not be able to cover up the smell but antiperspirants will definitely reduce the amount of sweat produced.

Whereas if you are going to work indoors at a rather cool environment where you will not be sweating any more than the usual, the use of deodorants is recommended. This is because the deodorant will keep you smelling fresh as well as fight off the bacteria. Antiperspirants stop the production of sweat and stopping the production of sweat altogether can be harmful to the body. Although inconclusive, studies have found a connection between breast cancer and aluminum, a product found in plenty in antiperspirants.


Top brands
Some of the best antiperspirants and deodorants available for men are Advanced Deodorant by MenScience, Clinical Strength by Gillette, Pit Boss by Jack Black, etc. All of these work brilliantly and are also readily available at any store near you. Now the only difference between men’s and women’s deodorants is the fragrance. Some of the top brands for women are Clinical Strength Smooth Solid by Secret, Clinical Protection Summer Strength by Degree, etc.

There are also a whole range of other brands and products available, so make sure to check thoroughly and find the one best antiperspirant and deodorant suited for you.