Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Mascara

Every woman desires to have thick, long, and full eyelashes that can make other women jealous! The best mascara enhances the beauty of the eyes by making them look more graceful and elegant. Your mascara speaks a lot as it can give you an expressive eye. They can spell magic over the occasion and leave you with numerous compliments.

Regardless of what your intentions are, the key to getting those lush eyelashes is to understand your eyelash type and find the most appropriate formula for them! Once you settle on both, you need to know the best way to apply mascara to look like the star you are! Read more to choose the best mascara. Before you buy the best mascara, it is important to know your needs and requirements.

There are different types of mascara for various length of eyelashes.

Thickening or volumizing

There are formulas that make your eyelashes look thicker and also help enhance your look if you pair it with the right type of makeup. With neutral makeup, there are some thickening and volumizing formulas that can be used for daily wear.
There are a few mascara products with mascara on one end and a primer on the other to avoid smudging. Some volumizing products come in a tube and are more suitable for day to day usage.


Longer your eyelashes, the prettier you look! Long eyelashes give the right balance of elegance and oomph factor on your overall look. Mascaras give a dramatic twist to these long eyelashes. They are great for a woman who likes the natural look and avoids wearing eyeshadow. Lengthening formulas are perfect for that classy look as well.


For teenagers who love experimenting with different colors, mascara with colors is the best option. Vibrant colors are often used to stand out which gives your eyes an unusual twist. Based on your eye color, you can choose the right colored mascara. For people with blue eyes, navy blue mascara looks really neat. For people with brown eyes, deep amethyst colored mascara is recommended.

Multipurpose mascara

There are some mascaras that work for all purposes. If you can get one of those mascaras that can do curling and coloring, lengthening, volumizing, and separating then you must go for it. These types of mascaras can do wonders for your eyes and make you look like a celebrity.

Tips to use a mascara

-If you want your eyelashes to look thicker, use black eyeliner between your top eyelashes and then smudge it. This makes false eyelashes look natural or you can do it the other way round.
-If you have really fair skin with blonde hair then a softer shade would serve to be the best mascara for you. For brunettes with fair skin, pretty much every shade does the magic. Redheads having fair skin look amazing with auburn mascara! For people with medium or dark skin tones with darker eyes, black or brown mascara is recommended.
-Always have a mini-arsenal on hand just in case you are out of mascara. Avoid using mascara every day as it can cause breakage of your eyelashes. Mascaras with vibrant colors are good only for casual settings.

At the end of the day, your occasion really matters. Choose the right kind of mascara for your event. So do a lot of experimenting and try different looks until you find what suits best for you. Sometimes it all boils down to perception. The best mascara for you will always be the one that you love the most. Make sure that you use the right mascara of a well-known brand. A cheap or a local mascara can take away the glow of your face.