Benefits of Installing a Field Service Dispatch Software

Your business is expanding. What started out as a small venture has turned big. Now, as the business grows, you need to employ more hands at work. If your business requires employees to work on the field, then you are thinking of ways in which you can coordinate and oversee their performance while they are away from the office. A field service dispatch software can be the best solution to meet all these needs.

Convenient for businesses on-the-go

Whether your business deals with plumbing, electrician services, home delivery of your products, car mechanics, housekeeping services, restaurant deliveries, taxi services – whatever that includes sending your employees out on the field and being on their own as they do the duties assigned to them, a field service dispatch software performs vital functions for you to keep a tab on your business even while you are away manning the main office.

Easy record keeping

You might have been able to keep records in multiple old-fashioned file folders with excel sheets, to and fro emails and phone calls till now. But, as the business grows, it becomes very cumbersome for one person to be in charge of tracking the performance of an outdoor team. Upgrading to a good field service dispatch software will sort things fast, and with efficiency.

Dynamic functions

A good field service dispatch software can perform multiple functions like tracking the schedule of on-field workers, the progress of their work, punch-in times for the day, deadlines, etc. This software will pull up all the data you need at once without making repeated phone calls, getting hassled or overwhelmed even on the busiest of days.

Free software

There are some great free field service dispatch software services out there. If your requirements are detailed and need to be customized, you might have to use premium versions for a fee. However, premium versions have excellent features and if advanced technology suits your growing business, upgrading to a premium service is a great idea.

One-user platform

Fergus is one such program that is currently free for one user, without any time-limit. It offers invoicing, work order history, scheduling and also has a mobile app. If you are a single proprietor who wants to be in-charge and manage things without relying on anyone else, this is the perfect field service dispatch software for you.

There are some other helpful options as well. ReachOut Suite is available for up to three users. Its services include work assignment planning, invoicing and estimates, dispatching and user-friendly scheduling options. Service M8 is free for up to 20 jobs per month. It tracks dispatch services, scheduling, real-time tracking of jobs on the field and easy communication features. Another good field service dispatch software, Hydra OMS, is an open source software. While the software is free, the tech support is not. However, if you are good at coding yourself then you won’t have to pay for support fees in case of a snag.

Multiple users

Field service dispatch software like Loc8 doesn’t restrict the number of users. Its services include job planning, dealer quotes, and invoices, a calendar to maintain a schedule and mark upcoming tasks or meetings, mapping, pre-built reports and live chat. If you are an energetic group of friends who have together set on building a business, Loc8 is an ideal field service dispatch software for you. Giving access to multiple users means that everyone remains in the loop and important decisions can be taken quickly and efficiently even though all the business partners may not be able to physically meet up!

FieldAware can be synced with iOS platforms and used on iPhones, iPads, and tablets. It is a cloud-based software and easy to set up. By selecting a good field service software, you can expand your business with ease and take it to new heights. Start using a field service dispatch software now!