Best All-in-One Computers That You Can Buy

All-in-one computers or AIO PCs are desktops in which the CPU components are built into the screen. Basically, it has only one unit into which all the components of the desktop are integrated.
This was first introduced by Apple in 1998, and since then almost all the major computer brands have been coming out with all-in-one PCs. In this article, we tell you about all the benefits of an all-in-one computer, and also break down some of the top models available right now.

Why choose all-in-one computers?

Firstly, these PCs come with a humongous screen size for a price that is cheaper than a desktop tower with an additional screen. AIO PCs come equipped with some of the best technology available and are also easy to move around.

The big screen also serves perfectly for those working with designing material, for video conferences and other purposes. The bigger ones with 30-inch screens can even serve as a makeshift home theatre.

All-in-one computers come in a variety of sizes and specifications so it may be tough to decide which one is the best for you. These are the top 3 models available right now which would be of great help for various reasons.

Dell Optiplex 7450

Available for a little less than $1000 this is easily one of the best all-in-one computers you can buy. The 4K screen gives you excellent viewing pleasure with bright and real colors. It also has a lot of ports giving you an excellent range of connectivity.

All of these are placed behind the screen so you won’t have any awkward USB drive or cable sticking out of the side of your PC. There is also an HDMI out port, a DisplayPort, and a DVD drive. Overall, the Dell Optiplex 7450 is a brilliant machine serving every purpose of an all-in-one computer.

HP Envy 34 Curved

If you want a stylish desktop with a giant screen, your search ends here. The gorgeous 34-inch screen is available for around $1800 and also comes with a wide range of amazing features. The processor is the powerful Intel Core i7 that makes sure nothing ever lags, and the USB ports come with the latest Thunderbolt technology making connectivity super smooth.

The curved screen makes this desktop very stylish but at the same time, it can take a little while getting used to the functions of the device. With cool features such as the touch-sensitive controls for volume adjustment and a pop-up webcam, the HP Envy 34 Curved is one of the best all-in-one computers you can buy.

Apple iMac 21.5-inch With 4K Retina Display

Priced at around $999 this Apple desktop has amazing functionality and gives out a brilliant style statement. The DCI-P3 screen can run up to 5K display and gives you amazing viewing pleasure. The design has remained almost the same from the last iMac with its shallow keyboard and plug-in slots at the back panel.

Amongst midrange all-in-one computers, this 21.5 inch Apple iMac is certainly one of the best. Apple products always deliver on your money’s worth and this one does not fall short at all. Moreover, the latest MacOs is brilliant, and you get top range features such as VR connectivity, Thunderbolt 3, and also an updated CPU.

All-in-one computers have become the latest trend for those whose work revolves around seeing the best of the material on the screen, or for those who just want to kick back and enjoy the latest movies in 5K quality.

Any of the above-mentioned models will be available at your local store so you can just go ahead and pick any of these. However, there are many other models which may serve lesser purposes but are perfect for their price range. So, ensure that you research well before purchasing a computer.