Free Cell Phones for Seniors

A cell phone is indispensable for old aged people because it helps them stay connected to their loved ones who can be called in case of an emergency.

Cell phones – an insight

A cell phone is an important part and parcel of our daily lives, and we can hardly think of living without cell phones. Many people belonging to the low-income category do not have enough money to buy a high-end cell phone. However, even the basic phones can be enough to stay connected with near and dear at all times. Without cell phones, they are unable to establish contact with family and friends. More importantly, they are unable to access doctors and emergency needs.

Why do seniors need cell phones?

Elderly people in the country often spend the greater part of their day alone. Statistics show that one out of three senior citizens lives alone. They are prone to the greater risk of falling down or hurting themselves. At times, they would need emergency medical help. It is necessary that senior people should have a cell phone, at least for emergencies. Possessing a cell phone would help them access emergency services as well as help them feel safe. Without any anxiety, they can travel outdoors or feel secure at home. Cell phones for old people are so vital that they need it at any and all moments of their daily lives.

Free cell phone for seniors

It all happened in 2005. The federal government felt the need to provide free cell phones for low-income group people. This included seniors and the elderly who did not or could not afford to finance a phone for themselves. The government found out that the seniors are dependent on the social security fund they get. Buying a cell phone is low in priority on the list of things they buy.

The government stepped in with a benefits program known as Lifeline Assistance program. Under this program, needy seniors can get free cell phones and free cell plans. This program, funded by a Federal appointed service fund, is available in all the states.

Eligibility for free cell phones for seniors

A senior citizen needs to be eligible to get a free cell phone under Lifeline Assistance Program and needs to meet any of the following requirements:

– Annual income is not more than 135% of the figure fixed by the government regulations for poor.

– At present, he or she needs to be a participant in one of the following programs:

– Government Public Housing Support
– Medicaid
– Welfare-to-work
– State assistance programs (if applicable)
– Provisional Help for Families in need
– Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF)
– Food Nourishment Enhancement Program (Food Coupons)
– Federal School Free Lunch Plan
– Enhancement of Security Proceeds
– Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Eligibility varies from state to state. Lifeline Assistance is available for one member per household. Seniors living in a nursing home or homeless shelter or in a temporary address are also eligible.

Service providers of free cell phone for Senior Persons

There are more than 50 Service providers for Lifeline Assistance Programs. Most of them offer more than the same plans with at least 250 minutes free calls; some of them are as follows:

– TAG Mobile
– Assurance Wireless
– ReachOut
– Safelink Wireless
– American Assistance
– Cintex Wireless
– Infinity Wireless
– Easy Wireless
– FeelSafe Wireless

How to get free cell phones for seniors?

To get a free cell phone with a free plan the following steps are crucial:

– Find out the number of free calls you will get from the service provider
– Contact the best service provider for getting your free cell phone
– Find out what phone your service provider will give you
– Find a suitable service provider in your state
– Find out your eligibility to get a free cell phone in your state