Latest Additions to the Phones Offered by MetroPCS

With over 24 years of experience in the wireless carrier industry, MetroPCS has made millions of customers happy with the services they provide. The merger with T-Mobile, the third largest carrier in the country, in 2013 has helped the company boost its customer base. MetroPCS maintains the brand name and the services it provides even after the merger and the same applies to T-Mobile. Having this background information helps us to trust and believe in the products of this company. Some of the products that MetroPCS provides, like every other carrier, are mobile phones. They are new additions to the MetroPCS new phones section.

They have exciting offers that consist of free phones as well. However, we want to bring to your attention some of the MetroPCS new phones that you can buy. Have a look at the latest addition to the new section.

iPhone X 64GB

We understand if your energy is drained out with almost every reviewer or retailer flashing the iPhone X. The fact is, it is worth the flashing and it is the most futuristic phone that is currently available. It is definitely expensive and you may feel that the features it provides are just for luxury rather than regular use. Regardless of these genuine thoughts, iPhone X will enable you to have a great experience and to cope up with the advanced design in the near future. MetroPCS understands this requirement and made it a part of MetroPCS new phones. With an approximate price of $999, there is an offer available where you can get around $150 off on the price. It comes with a 30-day guarantee, free shipping and without any credit check. Make sure you check this phone out in any of the local MetroPCS stores that display this device.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The obvious next in line, Samsung Galaxy S8, the only capable and worthy contender of iPhone X which is currently on sale. It is also in the MetroPCS new phones section. With fantastic features and design, this is definitely an exquisite, premium phone in the Android section. It has a price tag of around $679 but they have a $50 off on the phone and you should get this device from MetroPCS while the offer is still on. It also features free shipping, 30-day guarantee, and no credit checks.

LG Aristo 2

At last, we have finally found a new phone for a change from iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. This premium phone from LG has been long awaited by its adherents. MetroPCS new phones division has remembered the dedication of LG customers and fans by adding it to their offering. One should not forget that it is an amazing Android phone and it is worth the price. Priced at just about $139, this phone can also be obtained at an $80 off. Additional features of the sale such as free shipping, no credit checks, and 30-day guarantee remain intact.

The three phones mentioned above are the latest additions to the MetroPCS new phones list. As mentioned in the beginning, they have an amazing offer where you can get a phone for free. The only condition is that you have to switch your current provider to MetroPCS and seal the deal. It targets phones which are less than $150 and there are brands such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Moto and many more. The plan they provide is an unlimited LTE plan with the relevant rates. It is a fantastic offer if you are looking for a new phone with beneficial features and a decent plan from the service provider. By the way, unlimited plans are the best since it will save you from the worries of crossing the limits. To add sweetness to the deal, you can get 4 lines with unlimited data for a price of around $100 which saves money for your family and yourself. Check out the MetroPCS online store or local store today to avail these money saving deals.