Popular Apple iPads You Can Buy

Ever since Apple Inc. stepped into the market of gadget manufacturing, it has stood amongst the top-ranking companies with the production and sales of emblematic gadgets. Apple computer, phones and then the iPad launch have brought a revolution in the world of gadgets. The launch of the latest 5th generation Apple iPad, with even more advancement, is an enviable change in this gadget.

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Apple iPad Pro

You may own this exclusive Ipad at a heavy price of $756. But its features justify this price. The smooth functioning of apps, smart keyboard, and apple pencil are some of them that adorn the iPad Pro. The 10.5 inches screen in 1668 by 2224 pixels resolution, 12 megapixels rear and 7 megapixels front camera and a great audio speaker makes it suitable for all the business professionals and gadget freaks.

10.5 inches iPad Pro

It has 20% larger display as compared to iPad 2017. Its screen size is 10.5 inches and storage capacity varies from 64GB to 256GB and 512GB. Some other features like A10x fusion chip, 4GB RAM 12 megapixel back camera, accessories like the additional keypad and an Apple Pencil make it advance and apt for those looking for style as well as functionality. This iPad is available in rose gold. Its base price is $650 and maximum price is $999.

iPad Pro 12.9

You may spend $863 if you are among those who wish to replace their laptops with this marvelous looking iPad. Its 12.9 inches screen makes it look heavy and is an awesome substitute for MacBooks.
It weighs 677gm, making it the heaviest iPad than any other Ipad. The operating system is iOS 11, same as all other Ipads and the processing unit is A10X Fusion. All the features make it apt for multitaskers and professionals.

Apple iPad Pro 2016

Is the best option for the hardcore users. The screen is 9.7 inches and 1536 by 2048 pixels resolution. The 240mm by 169.5mm by 6.1mm dimension and weight of 437gm makes it light and easily portable. The price of this gadget is $329.

12.5 inches iPad Pro

This is the most stylish and sleek designed iPad. With a display of 12.9 inches, it offers 2730 by 2048 pixels camera. Its weight is nearly 700 gm and it comes with accessories like the keypad and a pencil for its pressure receptive screen. The iPad costs approximately $799 and goes up to $1150.

iPad Pro 12.9

You get this large-screen, extremely powerful iPad at an approximate cost of $399. The 12.9 inches screen has a resolution of 2048 X 2732 pixels. The screen is wide enough with 305mm X 220mm X 6.9mm dimension and weight of 713gm makes it slightly heavier. The iOS 10 operating system with 4GB RAM and A9X processing unit make its functioning smooth and powerful.

Apple iPad Air 2

It is an outdated version of iPad Pro 9.7 with lacking features like the smart keyboard, Apple pencil and audio speakers. The 437 gm weight and 240mm X 169mm X 6.1mm gives it a sleek and slim outlook, thus making it easily portable. At an approximate price of $296, you get features like 8 megapixels back and 1.2-megapixel front cameras, nearly 10 hours of battery backup, minimum 16 to maximum 128 GB of storage capacity and an adjustable white balance screen.

So if you wish to own a stylish luxury tablet, then you can consider the Apple iPads. All you need is a pocket full of hard cash and this elegant gadget will be yours. It comes with loads of benefits and investing in one is absolutely worth it.