Smartphones – Basic Essentials of this Era

We live in an era of technology where everyone from adolescents to elders own a smartphone. Kids comfortably operate all smartphones and are familiar with most of its features. There are several brands with varying models that come with features that keep getting better by the day.

Your phone does almost everything for you: from calculation to taking pictures to high-speed internet browsing, you have everything in the palm of your hands. If there is an app you can’t find on your phone by default, you can easily download it from your phone’s application store. Gone are the days where there were the cellular phones; everywhere you look, you can see smartphones of about a hundred different types.

How to find the right phone for you

Buying a smartphone today is an easy task. The work lies in deciding which one you want to get. Step by step, you can decide the features you are looking for and arrive at the right smartphone for you. Here is how you can find the right smartphone for you.

Select an operating system

You have three options you get to choose from:


This is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Apple products are known for their security, ease of use, and the impeccable finish of the devices. If you have a wide budget, this is the type of phone can should consider.


This OS is just as popular. Its integration with Google and the numerous customizations are facilitated at a reasonable price range. This is the most popular choice among people using smartphones, owing to its wide selection of low-priced variations.


This is less common but just as efficient an OS as others. Their integration with Microsoft services and excellent phone features makes it a perfect choice for business usage.
You can always use their phones at the store and get a feel of it before you invest in it. You can choose an interface that you are more comfortable with.

Set your budget

A smartphone is an investment that will be worth the usage. The most expensive ones are those of Apple and Samsung, whereas you have phones at a lower price range in HTC, Motorola, and LG.
There are a lot of brands that make smartphones at lower prices. You can even get carrier charges at subsidized rates on the basis of the phone you are purchasing.

Compare with the phone you own

You will have a clear picture of the phone you want on the basis of the one you are already using. If you own an android phone and you are comfortable with it, you might as well upgrade your phone to another android phone. On the other hand, iPhone users will always want to retain the same brand, using any other OS, will be a task. If you use Microsoft Office on a daily basis, Windows will be the most convenient of all smartphones for you.

Find the features that suit your needs

Each OS of all smartphones has its set of features that you can choose from. The basic features such as email, maps, and browsing are available on almost all phones.


It is best known for its exclusive features such as a fingerprint scanner, FaceTime, iCloud, and, the most popular one, Siri.


Android is customizable and authorizes third-party apps to be downloaded on the phone. Most android phones also have the fingerprint features, cloud facilities, and Google drive for storage.


This OS uses Cortana for voice activations and has “Live Tiles,” which is a home screen customization. You also get to use Excel, PDF, and Word with ease.

There are loads you can choose when it comes to the all the various model of smartphones too. Camera quality, the storage space, and RAM space are a few of the specifications that you can select.
All smartphones have become a part of our lives. We are more or less dependant on them. If used correctly, a lot that can be achieved with them. All smartphones of Android, iOS, and Windows platforms have numerous apps that make our lives easier every day.