Best Watches for Men in 2018

Gone are those days when watches were just an instrument used by people to know the time anywhere. It was originally a piece of a clock, dialed down to very small tools, so as to be able to carry it around and know the time on-the-go. It has now become a part of an individual’s style statement. It comes to be known as an accessory rather than a necessary tool. Can you believe that people these days purchase watches using personal finance loans and pay off the cost through EMIs? Well, it’s true!

Believe it or not, men have taken up to watches faster and in a more stylish way, than women have. Of the numbered accessories that are to be included in a man’s wardrobe, a watch is one of them. Men these days, are also found to splurge on watches. Be it for a luxurious setting or for daily use, men purchase watches of the highest caliber and sport them as they like. We have put down a brief list of the best watches that men can purchase in 2018. Here it is:

Tutima M2 Seven Seas Watch

This product is one is the best for men who are considering diving or any other extreme watersports, with their watches on. It is regarded to be a fan-favorite and is also very lightweight in its make. You can find it in a regular and classic Kevlar-strap model or purchase it with a whole titanium bracelet feature, for a little over the $2,000 mark. The inner dial is classic in nature, but has clear-cut signs and reads very well underwater. It gets complete scores for functionality and a sleek design!

Fossil Gen 3 Sport Smartwatch

Fossil watches come in both the budget and luxury category. This one is considered to be semi-luxury because the price clearly indicates budget, but the features and the design exuberate luxury.
As the name suggests, it is a smartwatch and is ranked to be one of the best Android-wear watches a man can own today. It is designed specifically for active personalities and is waterproof up to 50 meters. It has a built-in heart-rate sensor which can help a fitness-freak. It also sports a full-circle OLED display which is very uncommon for a watch costing just around $275 and gives it a very good finish.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium Digital Watch

Tissot is a strong brand that has been associated with watches for a very long period of time now. It has become a trusted and reliable pillar in the industry. Needless to say, the prices on their newer models have also started to reflect the brand’s worth.

This piece is approximately priced at a whopping $1,250. The cool factor here is that this watch is powered by solar energy and hence is one of the models that you should definitely consider to purchase. It has a very sleek and statement Tissot metal finish that will help you stand out of the crowd.

Hamilton Pan-Europ Day-Date

The name of this watch brings back a very colorful date in watch history. This vintage timepiece is from the 70’s era and sports bold colors, rich contrasts, and very unusual shapes. It is mainly preferred by those men who have a strong budget of over $ 1,500 and want to be taken back in time, with their timepiece. If you are a vintage-lover out there, this watch is the perfect buy.

With so many watches, you are bound to get confused while purchasing one for yourself or to gift a loved one. Try zoning in on the favored brand first and take it from there, depending on the budget, to help yourself out. It is also imperative that you keep in mind that the look, style, and color match most of your wardrobe and prove to fulfill the functionality you are purchasing it for.