Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

Fashion and women are two inseparable things. No matter what age, size, or trait you belong to, you can never be apart from fashion. Generally, women over 60 lose interest in dressing up and make-up for two great reasons:

-They start caring about the society and people’s mindset, which doesn’t allow them to dress to look fashionable at an age of 60.
-They don’t find anything in the market that suits their age and personality.

The first reason is totally invalid. If you are among those who care about society, remember, the society comprises of people amongst you. If you adore yourself, society will do the same. So stop worrying about the people around and dress up the way you want. Break away from the limitations and be a fashionista.

But if your problem is quite different and is similar to the one stated in the second reason, wait. The solutions are mentioned just below.

If you are a woman in your 60s and you love styling yourself but are unable to find stuff that better defines your fashion sense, don’t fret. Read on to get an insight into the fashion for women over 60.

Style yourself

These days, the market is full of several designs of bellies and heels. However, you might be very uncomfortable in them. Don’t worry, just go for flat boots or sneakers, which are also fashionable for women over 60. Slip-on and flip-flops are some other things that you can opt for. This will give you a dynamic look without hurting your feet and knees.

Now coming to the clothes, all you should remember is fashion has no age. So ladies, don’t underestimate by evaluating yourself on an age graph. Dress up the way you want to. The only thing you need to determine is the personality that you wish to reflect. The apparel market is all yours. Get into the shop you like, choose the outfit you want, and bring it to your wardrobe. It can be anything right from a one-piece to a gown or jeans with a leather jacket. When choosing an attire for yourself, remember one thing, choose an outfit which makes you feel comfortable and reflects the inner you.

Fashion is never limited to outfits and footwear. Accessories play an important role in fashion for women over 60. So, whenever dressing up, never give up on accessories thinking you are too old for this. Get yourself a set of accessories that match your style. Whether it is a bangle or a bracelet, earring or a ring, accessorize yourself with that which complements your dress.

Make-up is also an important part of fashion for women over 60. Women generally stop looking after their skin at this age. This is the reason they don’t focus on make-up. But turning old doesn’t mean you are no more beautiful. The beauty of your face is just hiding behind few skin folds. You need to enhance your looks with a stroke of an eyeliner, a lipstick, and some foundation. So get yourself a make-up kit of your favorite brand and enhance your looks.

Five things you must own as a fashionista

-Long black blazer
-White crisp shirt
-Red knee-length skirt
-Black printed scarf
-Straight skinny jeans

These five dresses can easily be paired with all your other dresses in the wardrobe. Be it a trouser or jeans, the white shirt will look fabulous with them. Whether you are wearing a skirt or a one-piece, your black long blazer with shiny boots will surely complement your dress. Black printed scarves can be used with both jeans and jacket or skirt and blazer. A red knee-length skirt looks great with shirt and blazer.

Common mistakes in fashion for women over 60

If you are unable to find anything in the market, don’t follow the old fashion style. The times have changed and so has the fashion for women over 60. Instead of picking up anything from your old wardrobe, ask your children to help you choose the best dress for you. You can make a combo of old and new designs.

Don’t overdo your makeup. In order to hide wrinkles or skin folds, don’t paint your face with foundation, creams, or face-powder. This will distort your looks and make you look humorous.

Keep your accessories light and elegant. Don’t cover yourself with accessories. Choose one or two of them, which make you look smart and graceful.