5 Tips to Consider While Buying a Razor for Shaving

While well-groomed men are a symbol of class, clean-shaven men have always stood a little taller than the rest. No matter how fond of a beard you are, you must admit that the clean-shaved look has never really gone out of style. While some are more seasoned in the art of picking the best razor for shaving, others seem a bit intimidated at the thought of purchasing a razor. This is especially so because of the wide collection of options available, each boasting of its efficiency. You may get a variety of options in the market, choosing the correct one will be a challenging task.

There are quite a few things to know that can help make the decision in choosing the best razor for shaving much easier. Not all razors are created equally and thus you need to know what you’re getting into before choosing to invest in any given razor. For those of us who still fancy the clean-shaven look, here is what you need to know.

Number of blades matter

While it may seem as though a one-blade razor or even a two-blade razor can do the same job as a multi-blade razor would, this isn’t exactly true. In fact, if you are looking for a clean, close, and smooth shave, then it would be wise to invest in a razor with about 4 to 5 blades.

Get a razor that is flexible

Have you ever used a cheap razor that has cut you while shaving? Well, that has more to do with the razor than it does on you! Stationary blades are more likely to cut you while shaving. On the other hand, blades that are flexible can adjust to the shape of your face and ultimately give you that clean and smooth shave that you desire. So look for a razor that moves with you, but keep in mind that these kinds of razors must come with good design handles to improve the shaving experience.

Lubrication is important

Everyone who has had any experience in shaving knows that just purchasing the best razor for shaving is not enough. One must use a good shaving cream. Having said this, it would do you good to invest in one of those razors that have a built-in lubrication strip in order to make the post-shaved face extra smooth.

Change the blades regularly

Most people try to get as many shaves as possible from an old razor before discarding it and often forget to change the blades as regularly as they should. Well, maybe purchasing a new blade can fare to be a bit expensive and it may be annoying to change it every now and then, but you are doing yourself a favor by changing them regularly. For men who have thicker beards, it would require changing your blade more regularly than for those with thinner beards. The easiest way to know when it is time to change your blade is when it gets harder or takes more effort than usual in getting that neat-shaved look as you may be required to move the razor over the same area multiple times. It would serve men with sensitive skin to change blades regularly as well.

Size does matter

Truth be told, the best razor for shaving is all a matter of perspective and it has a lot to do with personal preference. Different people have different needs. Razors come in all shapes and sizes. A razor with a good length will make the access more comfortable and thus make it easier to shave. While it may depend on your personal preference, it would be wise to purchase a razor with a longer handle. This is because it can help a man clearly see the areas that are shaved and those that are yet to be shaved.

These above-mentioned tips will help you buy the best razor for shaving. Keep these points in mind before buying the razor.