6 Hospital Beds That You Can Buy For Your Home

Hospital beds are meant for those who need medical care. Be it at the hospital, home or probate homes. It is a need for the disabled and the elderly. The brands are styled to have basic functions which are needed for the patients. There are many brands that sell these beds with the basic functions and even more features to facilitate comfort for the users.

The two functions you can expect in all hospital beds for home is the adjustable mattress that allows the person to sit or sleep and the height adjustment for the bed. This makes it easier to use and take care of the patient. Any pipes that needed to be connected can be done without any problems or discomfort to the person.

6 Hospital Beds That You Should Buy

Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed for Home

This is a hospital bed that is most suitable for limited movement at home. You can raise and lower the bed beside moving the bed around. It has wheels that facilitate this feature. You can get a comfortable or innerspring or foam mattress.

The bed comes with a five-year warranty. The bed also has half rails which allow easy transfer of the patient. This bed may be on the pricey side but is worth the quality.

Drive Medical Full Electric Ultra Light Plus Hospital Bed

This lightweight bed has a motor which allows the bed to be adjusted. You can rise and lower it, and even move the bed frame at convenient angles. The motor does not make noise and so can be lowered up to fifteen inches in less than a few minutes.

The bed is also break resistant. You need to get the mattress separately. The bed comes with battery and so you need not worry about any power cuts.

Medicine Basic Beds

This is a semi-electric bed where you can choose between electric and mechanical operation. A mattress needs to be bought separately. It is light in weight and comes at very economical prices. The entire bed can be easily moved around. It comes will all the basic features needed in hospital beds for home.

Patriot Full Electric Bed

This bed is available with an innerspring mattress included in the full price. If has half rails that allow several types of adjustments. The motor used in Patriot Full electric bed is easy to maintain. It had a backup of 9V that can be used in case there is a power outage.

Elevation Bed By Rise

This unique and modern hospital bed has a creative design. The bed is larger than a standard bed and is available in semi-electric design. The head and feet of the bed can be adjusted. The bed can accommodate two mattresses. The design is such that there are Velcro loops with which the two beds are connected. This is however just a bed frame. The mattress should be bought separately.

Hill-rom Resident Long-term Care Bed

This is an electric bed that is perfect to use for long duration care. It has good mobility and can be  moved both up and down. There is also a provision to move the mattress for the knee and head. The bed also has side rails with controls that will ensure the patient is very comfortable. The design of the bed is modern and will fit in well with hospital beds for home.

There are many features you can get in a hospital bed. Before you buy one, you should make a list of all the features you want. Make sure you go for a good brand.

For people who need constant medical attention, there need to be good facilities. One important aspect is the hospital beds for home. Patients need complete rest in order to recover and feel better. Invest in one of good quality as it is needed for long-term use. You can choose a hospital bed based on your requirement.