How to Select the Best Electric Wheelchairs

The market for electric wheelchairs is full of reputed manufacturers. There are many high-end features to choose from. Sometimes, choosing the right electric wheelchair can get a little overwhelming because of a large number of options.

If you focus on your specific needs and budget, and narrow down the search from there, finding the right product can be easy. Upgrading is the right thing to do if increased comfort and freedom of movement is what you are looking for.

There could also be other reasons for which you might be looking to upgrade. Uncomfortable seating can leave you feeling tired and grumpy. A bulky model is difficult to carry around and isn’t friendly for airline travel.

Whatever be the reason, choosing the right electric wheelchair will bring ease of travel and comfort to your lifestyle.

Selecting the right one

The selection of the best electric wheelchair depends on many factors. If you want to upgrade, you definitely need to have your reasons ready. A non-electric wheelchair highly restricts your mobility. It might not have the high-end features that new models have.

It might serve you well inside the house, but if you are the one who loves to be outdoors, there are several excellent options out there to choose from. Investing in a better model will be beneficial in a lot of ways.

Typical considerations before going for a new electric wheelchair is body size, weight capacity, ease of storage, travel weight, speed, anti-tilt wheels, good suspension, battery pack, charger, turning degree, comfortable leg and armrests, joystick control, etc.


Armed with several features, new-age electric wheelchairs are ergonomically designed to make you more independent and confident to explore. With flexible, user-friendly features, you won’t need to rely on other people and you can go out on your own without any hassles.

High-end models have dynamic speed options that allow you to cover long distances. Extra pack of batteries means that all your sightseeing and travel adventures can stay right on track, without any worries.

Comfort and weight are basic concerns. However, the process of narrowing down on the perfect electric wheelchair involves a lot of other factors as well. Larger wheels offer a better experience on outdoor activities. These wheelchairs provide more stability and enable a smooth ride even on bumpy roads.

Models and prices

There are also tailor-made high-end electric wheelchairs where features can be customized to the user’s needs. For example, tilt and recline functions give comfortable seating as well as ease of leg movement. Then, there are also custom headrests, backrests, and specialized cushioned seating to prevent sores.

Some great electric wheelchairs are available online. Amazon sells the Foldawheel PW-1000XL for around $2698 with free delivery options. This model weighs only 57 lbs. It offers a speed up to 5 miles/hr. Another great model, the F KD FoldLite Lightweight Portable Folding Electric Power Wheelchair Heavy Duty, with Anti-tip Wheels, Supports up to 254 lbs and its price is around $1954.15 on Amazon. Options within a lower price range also exist. The Strongback Mobility Wheelchair is available at Amazon for around $579.95.

Select a model that folds effortlessly and check if can fit in a small car trunk. Good electric wheelchairs should have powerful but quiet motors, solid tires, and user-friendly joysticks. The latter can be customized for left-handed users.

The Sentire Med 2017 Forza D09 Deluxe Fold Foldable Power Compact Mobility Aid Wheelchair is a lightweight, easily foldable, dual-motor model. It is available on Amazon for around $2499.99 with free delivery.

Most high-end electric wheelchairs come with a complimentary travel bag. Some have specialized oxygen-bottle holders as well. Other things to consider are the warranty period and the return policy.

You also need to find out if the company provides maintenance or repairs at home, during the warranty period if required. After the product is delivered, read the instruction manual carefully to make the most of its features.