One of the World’s Largest Hearing Aid Manufacturers – Starkey Hearing Aids and Their Prices

You can only imagine the pain of a person who has a hearing disability. It is very tough. Hearing aids are almost equal to food and water for people with feeble ears. Like any industry, there are many manufacturers that sell hearing aids to affected people.

Starkey Hearing Aids is one of the largest suppliers of these essentials in today’s world. With over 40 years of experience in producing quality products, it holds the title of the largest supplier in the US.

We can go on talking about the great qualities and merits of this company, but it all boils down to one thing — Starkey Hearing Aids prices, based on their products.

But it gets tricky here. Let us look at some of their products.

Products and Their Pricing

Starkey is the proud innovator of SoundLens, a first of its kind hearing aid, which is invisible in the canal. It has added the Halo series to their list, which is an iPhone-based hearing aid, again first of its kind. They also have two generations of the Muse series.

The Starkey Hearing Aids prices, in retail, are anywhere from $1,999 to $3299. Starkey, however, does not encourage their customers to just buy any of their products. That’s actually one of the admirable things about Starkey Hearing Aids.

You can check them online on a vendor website or on Starkey website; they guide you to a hearing aid specialist or consultant. They believe in consulting with a specialist before you buy their products. Isn’t that the right way? Yes, it definitely is and why do we think so?

As delicate as our ears are, it makes it even more important to find the right product before we use it. A trained professional can determine the various aspects of the hearing aid that will suit our needs. They will go through the history of the ailment and prescribe the right product.

One of the advantages is the finance plan. You will also get to check the insurance coverage on the product. Insurance providers always have a list of discounts that you can be eligible for.

The other important reason for a consultation is due to the different features and categories their products have.

Prices Based on Features

While we have stated that their products are good, it also becomes important as to what makes them that good. The Starkey Hearing Aids prices are based on their features and they are further classified into premium, advanced, select and basic categories.

To look at the features, we have channel and bands. The number of channels and bands you have, will determine the amount of your customization. The premium has 24 channels, advanced has 20, select has 16 and basic has 6.

There are some features that are common to all the categories. Those features are – no buzzing or whistling, directionality, wireless accessory compatibility and water, wax, oil, sweat and corrosion resistance.

Features such as noise reduction and speech recognition, intuitive features and ear-to-ear wireless communication are also available. These features are as good as the category you choose.

Self-learning is one of the common features available in premium, advanced and select categories.
Some features are restricted to the line of products they have manufactured. For example, media streaming, intuitive hearing, and personalized hearing are available only in the Halo series. They are obviously divided into the premium, advanced and select categories.

So that’s a lot of features and categories that can leave you in a state of confusion. The intent, however, is to make their fantastic products available for everyone. This is one of the most important reasons for consultation.  They help you in determining which features you would want to have in your hearing aid and quote the Starkey Hearing Aid prices.

Go ahead and set up that appointment for your consultation and get the best Starkey Hearing Aid.