Different Types of Keurig K Cups You Can Buy

When Keurig K-Cup pods and brewing machines came out the world had become a better place for caffeine lovers. It made brewing coffee so much easier and faster at the same time.
Started in the 1990s, Keurig K-Cups have become very popular and they are preferred by many for instant coffee. They have also added tea and cocoa to their K Cups making their product line wide and universal.
We all have a different taste in many things and brewed drinks are no stranger in this division. To satisfy the taste buds of its customers, Keurig has manufactured K Cups in various flavors. As it started with coffee, we also want to start our list with the varieties they have in coffee.

The six varieties of coffee Keurig K-Cups

As the title goes there are six types of Coffee K Cups. There are more than 30 brands that distribute these K Cups along with Keurig’s very own Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Without further delay the six types of K Cups are:

-Light Roast
-Medium Roast
-Dark Roast

Each variation has a unique taste of its own. The regular and medium roast is generally considered the same as they taste almost similar. You have the flavored variety where it contains natural and added flavors such as Cinnamon, French Vanilla, Pecan, Hazelnut, Blueberry, Chocolate and many more. This is a choice among people who prefer a diversity in the taste compared to the traditional coffee taste. Decaf Keurig K-Cups concentrates on the customer who prefers less or no caffeine in their drinks. You get the roasted division segregated into the light, medium, and dark. Dark is preferred by the ones who like the strongest version of coffee.

The tea variants

As mentioned earlier, Keurig K-Cups have pushed their barrier into the tea business as well. Tea is a natural preference for a non-caffeinated drink. Keurig has made sure to entertain the tea-loving customers as well. The five varieties of tea are:

-Black tea
-Green tea
-Herbal tea

As you can see, it has the popular versions of tea available. From black tea for the hardcore to the green and herbal tea for a health-conscious citizen, their tea flavors suit every taste. Iced tea is the latest in the lot whereas Chai gives you the traditional Indian flavor. With these variants available, it will make it difficult for you to pick what suits you best.

Hot cocoa

If you want the good old hot chocolate, then Keurig K-Cups has made it easier for you. You can carry the Hot Cocoa K Cup to your Keurig brewer and get a quick and tasty hot chocolate.

Cafe Style

They have a special version of Keurig K-Cups available called the Cafe Style. There are only five choices in this.

-Chai Latte
-Hot Apple Cider
-Cafe Mocha
-Cafe Caramel
-Cafe Vanilla

Chai Latte is a K Cup which has a blend of tea and milk. Apple Cider has some healthy characteristics to it and Keurig has made a version of their Apple Cider drink as well. Cafe mocha contains cocoa and Coffee mixed along with milk. Cafe caramel as the name suggests is milk and smooth caramel. Your favorite flavor of vanilla comes along with milk in Cafe Vanilla. You can see that the common ingredient among them is milk.

Some of the featured brands in Keurig K-Cups are its very own Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, The Original Donut Shop, Laughing Man, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

They also have an offer where you can save up to 25% by signing up for auto delivery. You can also save up to $12 on a box of pods. Their brilliant K Cup brewing machines and K Cups are meeting the tastes of so many tea and coffee lovers around the country. If you have not tried the Keurig K-Cups then you are not too late. Buy these beautiful products and enjoy their lovely taste.