Popular Power and Hand Tools to Choose From

The landscape of power and hand tools has developed a lot in recent times, thus ensuring convenience in our day-to-day lives. Power tools certainly make tasks related to home improvement much easier to carry out. Although hand tools require some do-it-yourself manual effort and force to work with building materials, these tools save you the trouble of hiring a professional.

Power and hand tools are a popular choice of homeowners, owing to the ease, convenience, and cost efficiency these tools offer. This article gives you an insight into the various power and hand tools, which you can use for repairs and building, and how to use them.

Power saws

There is a multitude of power saws available in the market today. These are some of the most common power and hand tools. You can select the kind of power saw you want, based on your intended use.

The portable models are great hand tools. You also have a choice between the cordless and the corded types of power saws. Based on your needs and usage, you can choose from band saws, circular saws, jig and scroll saws, miter saws, and reciprocating saws.

Sanders and grinders

The most widely used power and hand tools are angle grinders. These are handheld power equipment that comprise a head which is structured at a right angle. This tool can be used for removing rust, stripping paint, or sharpening blades. You can use bench-top grinders as a stationary equipment. It is useful if you want to get a better than average performance out of a power and hand tool.

Sanders also function in a similar manner. You can use sanders to smoothen wooden furniture. There is a wide range of specialty sanders available as well, like the detail tool, with which you can smoothen even the most difficult sports. Choose belt sanders for using it on larger surfaces or corrosive and uneven areas. Sanders and grinders often come with some additional attachments such as replacement batteries as well as dust bags.

Power drills

Powers drills are important power and hand tools for regular home usage. Power drills include corded drills as well as cordless drills. You can buy a cordless drill to get more flexibility in doing the task yourself. However, it is always wiser to have a backup of a fully charged battery in hand during usage. If you are working on an extensive task, having a replacement battery is important. There are a lot of lightweight and easy to use power drills available in the market today, both online and offline. Check out the specifications carefully before buying the drill and read the instructions manual properly before use.


A screwdriver is a must-have hand tool. This tool can either be cordless or corded. The pistol grip screwdrivers are just like power drills in their appearance. The other commonly used type of screwdrivers is the pen style tool. These tools are versatile and can be used with ease.

Some of these power and hand tools also have a built-in light, which helps you work in areas with low or no lighting. Check out online stores for discounts on screwdrivers. Compare the prices of different brands and buy the best screwdriver suited to your needs and budget.

Sales, offers, deals, and discounts

Check out the wide range of discounts, sales, and offers on power and hand tools on online platforms. It is always wise to buy tools from trusted brands in order to be assured of quality and durability. You can also compare the prices of different brands. While buying at a discounted price, make sure that the product does not compromise on quality.

Check out the specifications on the brand’s official websites and the online stores that you buy from. You can order power and hand tools online at discounted prices and have the product of your choice delivered to your doorstep!