All You Need to Know about Cat Food

For cat owners, cat food is a hot topic. You need to think about it in different aspects. The best thing is to know which ingredients are good for cat food and which are harmful. If you are aware of this, you can get an idea about the quality of the cat food just by going through the label.

It is always sensible to stick to one brand of cat food. However, you may also want to try and prepare cat food yourself. There are also various options for wet cat food as well. Cat’s love for fish is universal, so you can do without going for expensive cat food. Nevertheless, whether you buy it or prepare cat food at home, you need to ensure that the food contains enough nutrition and calories. You would need to have some idea about the ingredients that must be present in cat food and make a worthy selection for your cat.

Basic ingredients present in good cat foods

Cats need a variety of nutrients to stay healthy and active; they need various vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and oils. The following is a brief explanation of the basic ingredients that should be present in cat foods. These ingredients, in the right quantities, will help you know that you are making a good choice. However, to know the right quantities, you can consult your vet for the same.


Among various nutrients, fat is the most concentrated form of energy. However, an excess amount of fat can be dangerous for your cat and can cause obesity. For the adequate amount of fat in cat food, you should consult your vet.


Cats need proteins. Protein in the food breaks down and produces amino acids, and amino acids produce energy. Protein is also required for growth; therefore, a good cat food must have proteins which can help the cat grow well. If the intake of protein is less than required, cats may suffer from muscle wasting, weakness, etc. However, an excess of protein is also not good for your cat. It can precipitate kidney disease, which is quite common in cats. Therefore, the cat food you choose needs to have optimum levels of protein.

Amino acids

Cats require good amounts of amino acids, which are involved in protein synthesis; moreover, protein is needed for growth. However, it is also needed for generating energy for all the bodily functions and activities of your pet. Though your cat is getting amino acids from protein foods, it may also need separate amino acids.

There are a number of amino acids that every cat needs to have. There are some amino acids which are available only in meat and meat products. Therefore, cat food must contain meat; however, not all meat is good either. You should not offer red meat to your cat since it can affect the liver and kidneys.

Ingredients that cat food should not have

There are a number of ingredients that a cat food should not have. These include the following:


Cats love fish, but tuna can be dangerous for it. Tuna does not offer all the ingredients that a cat needs. Moreover, too much of tuna may cause mercury poisoning in your pet. Therefore, cat food should not have tuna.

Grapes and raisin

Everybody loves his or her pet. However, showing love with treats of raisin or grapes can do more harm than good to cats. These foods may precipitate kidney failure. Therefore, avoid cat food that may contain grapes or raisins.

Raw eggs, meat, or fish

If you think that offering raw egg, meat, or fish to the pet cat is good, you may be wrong. It may expose the pet to bacteria. Moreover, some elements of the egg may be harmful to the pet.

Dry or wet cat food

This is a dilemma that every cat owner suffers from. Wet cat food is usually better than dry ones. However, you need to get a diet chart from the vet if you like to offer wet food to the pet. Observe your pet, learn their preferences, consult a vet, and choose the best cat food for your favorite feline.