Dog Foods to Avoid and Eat If Your Pet Has a Sensitive Stomach

The sensitive stomach is common in pet dogs. However, if the dog is vomiting more often than normal, you need to change its food habit. You need to get the best dog food for a sensitive stomach.

Dogs do sometimes suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. There can be various reasons for it. It may be because of allergies due to a certain food. It may be due to change in food habits. It may also be due to having too much food at a time. But it is mostly due to the variety of food that they eat.

So there is nothing to be afraid of if your pet dog is often suffering from an upset stomach. You just need to get the best dog food for a sensitive stomach. If this does not solve the problem, you must visit the vet. Let’s go through the ingredients that the best dog food for a sensitive stomach should or should not have.

Avoid foods with wheat, soy, and corn

Some dogs are allergic to foods made from wheat, soy, and corn. This means that their stomach is sensitive to such food items. If you feed such foods to the pet, it is likely to suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. So, stay away from foods prepared with any of these as the ingredient. In fact, dogs are better off without any grain.

Rice and boiled chicken are innocuous

If the pet is not able to tolerate a variety of foods, then you can put it on a diet that consists of boiled chicken and rice. Some dogs may not tolerate foods that don’t contain wheat, soy, corn or other grains. For them, a diet of rice and boiled chicken can be the best dog food for a sensitive stomach.

Good-quality animal protein with low fat

Vets prescribe fat-free and good quality animal protein for dogs. There are some types of animal proteins which are difficult to digest, such as red meat. You need to avoid feeding such proteins to your pet dog. You also need to avoid meat that the dog has never tried before, such as duck meat or rabbit meat. Unlike a wild dog, a pet dog needs to be fed selectively.

Give sterilized food

If the pet is often suffering from the symptoms of a sensitive stomach, then you need to offer only sterilized food to it. It is likely that your pet’s stomach has become allergic to some environmental toxin. In that case, the best dog food for a sensitive stomach is sterilized food. This is to ensure that no foreign body or toxin can enter the stomach of the dog.

Wet food can be good for your pet

Owners often suffer from the dilemma about whether to feed dry food or wet food to their pets. While dry foods are the most convenient to store and feed, they may not always be the best dog food for a sensitive stomach.

The best dog food for a sensitive stomach needs to have adequate water in order to provide the necessary level of hydration. This is more important if the dog does not get enough water throughout the day.

Wet foods can compensate for a certain portion of your pet’s fluid requirement. Wet foods are also richer in the aroma, which may attract older dogs. Moreover, if you are offering dry foods, the dog may suffer from stomach pain. As the dry foods enter the stomach, it begins to absorb fluids and inflate. This may cause stomach pain.

Fish is good for a sensitive stomach

You can try fish. Fish is actually an innocuous source of protein for dogs. Most fish are good for its stomach. However, you must enquire from the vet about specific fish types that may not be so good for the dog’s health.

Avoid foods that ferment for a long time

Some carbohydrates like legumes and oats can cause excess gas. So, the best dog food for a sensitive stomach needs to be free from these items.